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Vi på Oscar & Clothilde fick en intervju med Tricia Guild, grundare och kreativ chef för Designers Guild, som i år firar 50-års jubileum. Tricia är också aktuell med två nya böcker, In my view och Out of the blue

Tricia Guild

First of all, congratulations to your two new books! You have been so successful and are now celebrating your 50th anniversary. How does that feel?

Thank you. It’s astounding to me that we’re celebrating a half century of work – I never could have imagined that we’d be at this point. I’m truly honoured that my vision and our company is being celebrated. I’m not necessarily nostalgic, I much prefer to live in the present and look to the future, but it’s been a lot of fun delving into our extensive archives - there are so many memories!

What are you most proud of about your journey?
I’m proud of our journey, of where I started and of where we are now. I’m proud of the immense creativity, determination, hard work and innovation that are poured into our collections by myself and by my fantastic, like-minded team – collaboration has been hugely important. All of these elements have been and continue to be vital to our success.

What's the most fun thing about your job?
I’m lucky that I get to do what I love every day; creating beautiful products for our homes. I am also devoted to publishing books, as they hopefully inspire others and describe my journey – to offer readers my inner thoughts.

In my view av Tricia Guild

Where do you find inspiration, what people inspire you?
Visual arts, theatre, opera, architecture and my travels around the world have infused my vision of the years. Italy too, its architecture, Renaissance painting and landscape, gardening and the growing and cooking of food – have always filled my life and my work with inspiration.

Which pattern / design do you think is a real classic from the Designers Guild big archive?
Some of the most memorable designs, I suppose, are Paper Roses, China Rose, Geranium and Kusumam, plus Caprifoglio and Saraille and the Kids Collection. And then of course there’s our plain textures like Brera, Mezzola and Varese.

Do you ever reuse designs, let then come back in a new shape or form?
Usually we do not revive designs, however, for our Spring 2020 collection, we did reinterpret a voluptuous floral print from the 1980s – Grandiflora. Our depiction of lowers, plants and trees in gorgeous, colours and textures has really evolved over the decades and is very much a celebration of flowers, imagined in the most joyous of colours and digitally printed onto pure cotton.

Flowers are a recurring theme and you also have gardeners in your family, do you have any personal favorite flower?
I am always enamoured by the sculptural qualities of dahlias. The detailed form and colouring of the Dahlia Burlesca is sublime and unexpected, in my view. For me, they exude a sensual and sophisticated vitality that is both considered and free, all at once.

What do you think about the Swedes' interior style, do you see anything special / in common about the Swedish homes?
I adore the Scandinavian colour palette; chalky grey, celadon, duck egg and white, it exudes elegance and grace. It is a restful and serene palette that feels soft and inviting, I love its sense of harmony.

Tricia Guild, founder of Designers Guild

How often do you refurnish yourself at home? Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?
I’m not at all fickle with the interior design of my home, despite what people may think! I prefer to make smaller changes often, in particular when the seasons change. As winter takes hold and the long, dark nights beckon; I like to swap crisp linens for lustrous, heavyweight velvets. I also bring in accessories such as a few cushions, a throw or two and layer rugs – which create a feeling of warmth, texture and depth. In the warmer months, I hang banners of vibrant silk and crisp linen at the windows, which is just wonderful when the sunlight suffuses through and the fabrics float with the breeze.

You always work with color, and make beautiful palettes, do you have a special favorite color?
Some of my favourite colour palettes are restful yet vital: blossom pinks and lilac, jade and cobalt blue and gorgeous greens. Every shade that I choose is chosen to achieve total harmony between the house, the garden and the landscape beyond. For example, two walls in my living room at home are painted in a vibrant shade of emerald, which is a wonderful counterpoint to the grey London skies outside.

What is your favorite room in your house?
I would say my sitting room – it is filled with colour and my favourite pieces of art and my collection of ceramics – I can truly unwind in there.

Finally, you have written so many books, and just released two new ones, what do you prefer to read yourself in your free time?
I very much enjoyed Amor Towles’ ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’.

Tricia Guild OBE
Founder and Creative Director, Designers Guild

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